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Our Family Program

Current CDC Safety Guidelines including masking for children and instructors are being observed.

Our Family Program at Master Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do provides:

  • A way to bring your family closer together
  • A rewarding activity
  • A way to find exercise time
  • A positive environment
Taekwondo is a great Family Activity!

Our Family program will introduce students, ages 7 to Adult, to the basic concepts of taekwondo, as well as, teach advanced concepts of taekwondo, in a structured class that is intended to enhance physical, mental and social development. Each 30 minute session will focus on self-discipline, self-awareness, agility, concentration, courage, coordination, social skills, and many other character building traits. Martial Arts knows no age limit and many adults begin with their children around the age 30, 40, or later. Although families train together, each student will progress at their own pace, in a safe and rewarding environment.

It’s a Fun introduction to Fitness

Our World Class Instructors use a variety of drills, training tools, and teaching methods to keep the classes varied, fun, and engaging. Students will work to increase strength and coordination, flexibility and athletic skill, and endurance and focus. The classes are highly motivating and fun and designed for students to set and achieve goals through hard work and perseverance. Our families will work to develop confidence, mutual respect and camaraderie while improving their agility, fitness and self-defense skills.

Character Traits
Family program students follow the Color Belt program classes and are divided based on their belt level to ensure skill proficiency is learned at an appropriate pace in a safe and engaging environment. This process builds self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, as well as positive attitudes and confidence. There is a lot of fun to be had! Students will run, punch, jump, kick, and yell while learning form, self-defense, board breaking, and sparring.

A Color Belt student will build and embody these character traits:


Social Skills
Goal Setting

Client Testimonials

“My daughters have done the gamut of activities; dance, gymnastics, tumbling, music, etc. However, we have never been as impressed with any of them as we have been with Master Kim’s TKD. The staff is so attentive to the students and their families and our daughter doesn’t stand around waiting for her turn. The kids are engaged the entire class. It is by far the best experience we have had with extra curricular activities.”

Tabitha Lynch

“This is a great Tae Kwon Do school. Management, instructors and other students go out of their way to ensure everyone is encouraged and no one feels left out or that they cannot do something.”

Rob Arnold

“Everybody is very nice and patient. A lot of respect goes around there. My husband and I enjoy the class very much.”

Justine Lynn Hanning

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